Mind Your Body

Mens sana in corporé sano 


Aromatherapy is the systematic use of essential oils to improve physical and emotional health. Essential oils are aromatic and volatile substances extracted from plants. They enter the body via absorption and olfaction. Chemicals found in Essential oils have a large range of therapeutic actions including aiding relaxation, fighting infection, and easing pain. 
Who will benefit from a Mind Your Body Aromatherapy Treatment?

Mind Your Body Aromatherapy treatments will benefit anybody with any health and wellness problem or those who simply want a relaxing, stress relieving massage. Clients include those with persistent pain such as muscular aches or back pain. Aromatherapy massage and specific Mind Your Body Personal Touch Products can assist in the treatment of problems such as high or low blood pressure, stimulating the immune system to ward off symptoms of colds and flu and much more.
Mind Your Body Aromatherapy Treatments

Mind Your Body Aromatherapy treatments include a massage with only 100% pure and natural essential oils and bases. Treatments are carried out in private.

All consultations are treated in the strictest confidence and personal details are not divulged to any 3rd party. Due to the nature and therapeutic action of essential oils and massage a full health assessment is undertaken prior to any treatment commencing.
Aromatherapy massage treatments are generally more relaxing and less vigorous than a deep tissue or sports massage. The main aim of an Aromatherapy treatment is to allow the therapeutic action of the essential oils used to enter the body and have optimal benefit.



Mind Your Body Aromatherapy treatments can also be carried out in the clients own home.