Mind Your Body 

Mens sana in corporé sano 

Integrative Nurse Coaching

Integrative Nurse Coaches are registered Nurses who view clients as integrated whole beings. They honor and emphasize each persons unique history, culture, beliefs and story and recognize each persons health and wellbeing as influenced by their internal and external environments. 

Integrative Nurse Coaching involves working in partnership in a safe, relaxed and judgement free way to assist you to find your motivation and utilize the inner strengths you already possess to work out, plan and achieve your health goals. These may include improving

- Physical Health - Nutrition, Exercise, Weight, Sleep, 
- Achieving more Life Balance and Satisfaction 
- Relationships 
- Spirituality
- Mental Health
- Emotional Health
- Environmental Health 

Coaching is available in person or via zoom. 

To book a coaching session contact Louise